What: Newsletter
When: 1987

This is where it all started... my interest in publishing and graphic design.

AUSFA is the Adelaide University Science Fiction Association. In 1987 I was its President of Vice (Vice President), Minister of Propaganda (Newletter Editor) and Head of the Subcommittee of Liquidation (unexplainable). The newsletter was called The Ausfan.

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Below is a selection of silliness that I wrote as part of the offices that I held.

> The Sub-Committee of Liquidation

> How to Survive an AUSFA Committee Meeting

> My first letter as Minister of Propaganda

And a couple of bits, while not written by me, I think they are complementary silliness.

> An Explanation of the Regular Rubble Rabble (by Gillian Yeo)

> The ongoing saga of the Undersecretary to the Minister of Propaganda (by various)


What: Magazine
When: 1989

I also was editor and graphic designer of one issue of the magazine of AUSFA, Nemesis.

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